BikeErg all-rounders leaderboard 2022-23

Are you a BikeErg enthusiast? And keen to know how you stack up against others over the various distances? Welcome to the BikeErg all-rounders leaderboard, this is the place where you can compete against the full field, regardless your age and regardless your gender. 

No registration is needed. Once you have upload C2 BikeErg verified results for the 500m, 4k and 40k events to the ranked results in your Concept2 logbook, you are participating in this leaderboard. And each time you upload an improved (ranked and verified) result for any of these three distances, your leaderboard score will improve with it. Till end of erg season (till April 30th) you can make as many attempt as you wish to improve your score

==> Note: since May 1st 2023, the below ranking is final <==

==> For the 2023-24 leaderboard see: here  <==

The above ranking uses the so-called P/AR score as performance metric. This P/AR score (in Watts per year of age reserve) is formed by the ratio of power (in Watts) over age reserve (in years). Here, age reserve is the maximum number of years ahead of you: 120 minus your age. For females a sex-correction multiplier (equal to 1.56) is included. See here for a more detailed explanation of this ranking metric. And see here for answer to questions about P/AR scores.

The scores in this leaderboard are downloaded from the Concept2 ranked results database. Note that the results that contribute to the leaderboard are verified scores or race scores only. Unverified results are not included. Also, your results won't show in this leaderboard until you have uploaded to the Concept2 logbook all three distances as ranked (and verified) results. Thereafter you can attempt to improve your score till end of erg season (till April 30th). Keep in mind that synchronising this leaderboard with the Concept2 database relies partly a manual process. So in general it will take at least a few days for an improved result to show up here. 

Happy erging!


  1. Today we welcome a new leader with a whopping 22.27 aggregate P/AR-score: Emanuele Romoli...!

  2. Today we welcome two new participants: Charlie Wajewski and Frans van Rooden. Happy erging!

  3. The BikeErg All-Rounders leaderboard keeps growing with lots of additional participants. And we see several earlier participants improve their scores. Most notably, Martin Luirink has moved way up into third spot. Still 111 days to go...

  4. Today we welcome Heiner Tieben who entered with a bang (into 2nd position!). Meanwhile a fierce competition for the third spot has developed with as many as five contestants in a close race for this position...

  5. We welcome Mike Smith who entered in bronze position. The numbers 1-3 no all score an aggregate P/AR above 20. For all who would like to attempt a jump up: you have slightly more than 2 weeks to go before the leaderboard becomes final... Good luck!

  6. Just before closure of the 2022-23 season, Päivi Törmä entered with a bang. In the final ranking she is runner-up and highest ranking female. Winner for the season 2022-23 is Emanuele Romoli. Congrats Päivi and Emanuele!


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